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Coldplay Committee
posted 1 year ago

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates lately…

We have an announcement to make. The date of the the first Tumbl-Con USA has been moved up to 2014.

Unfortunately, though, we don’t feel like we will be ready by that time due to the fact that: we are still very new to this, do not have a very large or experience committee, and that date is, frankly, just very soon.

We hope to be able to attend Tumbl-Con USA in its future gatherings in probably 2015 or 2016. But don’t worry, we will still plan and the committee will still run.

Also, anyone and everyone can be a part of this still, but we feel like everyone who is on the official committee right at this moment is enough. There is a possibility for some smaller roles within the committee members, but we’d just prefer to keep it small. But I’ll say again, by following our blog, you can still have influence and a say in this con.
We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any progress we make.

- Hannah and Cat